A smart contract from which refinancing operations for a vault-pair can be executed. Refinancing of vault's debt can be 100% or partial.



Performs a forced refinancing routine
function doRefinancing(
address _vaultAddr,
address _newProvider,
uint256 _ratioA,
uint256 _ratioB,
uint8 _flashNum
) external isValidVault(_vaultAddr) onlyOwnerOrExecutor
_vaultAddr: the Fuji Vault address where the collateral is coming from.
_newProvider: The new protocol where all the funds will move.
_ratioA: Ratio to determine how much debt position to move.
ratioB: Ratio A divided by Ratio B is less or equal to 1 and more than 0.
_flashNum: Integer identifier of flashloan provider.


Sets the fujiAdmin address that is used for verification in doRefinancing()
function fujiAdmin(address _newFujiAdmin) external onlyOwner
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