Alpha Version

Alpha purpose

This first version is for demonstration purposes.

We target user feedback, which we consider most valuable at this stage. We are also going public to meet other teams who could integrate Fuji DAO in the future.

Alpha rules

Considering our contracts are in the process of being audited, we added liquidity and user caps to limit loss exposure if any hacks or bugs occur during the demonstration.

The initial cap amount of users was set to 200, and initial deposit was limited to 2 ETH as collateral. However, after our first audit assessment (June 20 - July 1, 2021) from SecuRing, it was decided a low risk on extending the number of users. Check counter and limitUsers in contract 0x8A44888292C570F6ae414ca9Ca2D878F5eCED83b for latest update.

Alpha warning

Some considerations before you use the Alpha:

Background operations are actually centralized and taken as operational costs. Refinancing and liquidations are centralized.

Also keep in mind high gas costs, which means the app shouldn't be used to achieve profit.

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